The Free Store for Teachers


What is the Free Store?

Our Free Store for Teachers is at the core of our mission. We stock our shelves with new school supplies and gently used office supplies collected from businesses and individuals so teachers can fill their classrooms for free.

Teachers who shop at Schoolhouse Supplies find that we are just like any retail store, with shopping carts, bright displays, and a variety of merchandise.

The Free Store for Teachers is open to every classroom teacher in the Portland Public Schools (PPS), David Douglas and Parkrose School Districts, and to a broader network of teachers and school communities through our Volunteer Voucher program. Contact for details.

Free Store Schedule and Calendar Links

Click here to see what color group your school is assigned to this year.

Then, get the shopping calendar for your color group:

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Red Group

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Yellow Group

How the Store Works

The Free Store is open September-May from 1-6 pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays. Each school is assigned multiple shopping weeks throughout the year. Teachers are welcome to one shopping trip per scheduled week.

Instead of price tags, we have limits on the amount of each supply a teacher can take, which are based on our inventory levels.

Extra supplies on hand? Learn how to donate supplies to the Free Store.


2735 NE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97220

Free Store for Teachers FAQ