Volunteer Spotlight: BG

IMG_0022In a recent blog, we mentioned that we have logged 84,497 volunteer hours since 2000. All the resources that Schoolhouse Supplies provides to teachers and students would not be possible without the help from our dedicated volunteers.

One of our stellar volunteers, BG has been committed to our mission of serving teachers and students for ten years. “My favorite section of the store is the K-5 book section. I have spent many hours working to make it more teacher friendly. I always wanted to be a librarian.”

One of BG’s favorite moments at Schoolhouse Supplies was when she first started volunteering, “I liked (the moment) when I was tallying donations and found a few boxes I had sent in months earlier when I retired!” BG also had an exciting surprise recently, “I also liked seeing one of my former first grade students volunteering at the book sort this month, he is now an eighth grader.”

These sort of “full-circle” moments are not uncommon at Schoolhouse Supplies.

BG’s favorite teacher when she was a student was her sixth grade teacher, Mr. Haskell “He made us learn big vocabulary words and I still remember ‘Curb your propensity towards loquaciousness.’ That means don’t talk so much. He also drove a red Mustang!”

Before BG retired, she worked in education and is now giving back to the education community. When BG isn’t at Schoolhouse Supplies, she also volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank and the Children’s Book Bank. She also enjoys traveling, reading, and playing games with friends. BG also substitutes at the school she previously worked at a day or two every week. “I miss kids and my teacher friends but I love being retired.”

We are extremely lucky to have such an enthusiastic and committed volunteers like BG. “I don’t think teachers have any idea how many hours, people and energy it takes to keep Schoolhouse so awesome. When I started volunteering during the summer while I was still teaching, I was quite amazed. I hope I can volunteer until I’m as old as Lolly and Helen!

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