Volunteer Partner Spotlight: Impact NW

impact NW logoImpact Northwest, established in 1966, is a human services organization with the mission to help people prosper through a Community of Support.

Impact NW has been an amazing volunteer partner to Schoolhouse Supplies.   Their community-based approach to programming lends itself well to volunteerism.

Youth groups learning job skills have volunteered regularly at Schoolhouse through Impact NW’s Urban Opportunities program, which provides job-readiness training and placement for Portland’s under-supported youth, ages 14-20.  They work in teams and it is inspiring to see their confidence, work ethic, initiative, and accountability grow while they are providing supplies to teachers and students just like themselves.

Impact NW Mentoring teams have also volunteered at Schoolhouse Supplies.  Mentoring staff member, Joel Todd, shared the positive benefits of mentors and mentees volunteering together and reflected on their experience volunteering with us: “Mentors and mentees spent an evening at Schoolhouse Supplies sorting pencils, checking makers for good ink, stacking paper and laughing together. After a couple paper cuts and some pizza, our group left tired and happy that we could give back to a program that their teachers and schools benefit from”.

Thank you Impact NW for your support of our mission, as well as the exceptional work you do in our community everyday!  We are thrilled by how many people benefit from our partnership.

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