Umpqua “Mystery Presentation”

When an invite to an “Umpqua Mystery Presentation” appeared on our calendars this week, we couldn’t imagine what it might be…well except maybe ice cream—we all love the Umpqua ice cream truck, yes?! Imagine our surprise when  one of our dedicated volunteers, Theresa Sivelle showed up to present us with not one, but two $250 donations to Schoolhouse Supplies thanks to Umpqua Bank’s Power of an Hour Fund.

Theresa and fellow associate, Brian Kerr, both regular volunteers at Schoolhouse Supplies, nominated our organization for the award. This week Umpqua associates are out delivering 199 more checks like ours to associate-nominated organizations for a grand total of $50,000! Great work, Umpqua!

No strangers to Schoolhouse Supplies, Umpqua Bank associates have given over 1,020 hours of service to our organization. They have supported the Free Store for Teachers, our Tools for Schools program—sponsoring Marysville Elementary since 2006; as well as providing support through data entry, committee work, and sorting and tallying school supplies. 

The Power of an Hour initiative is part of the 10 year celebration of Umpqua’s Connect Volunteer Network, which gives Umpqua Bank associates up to 40 hours of paid time each year to volunteer with local schools, youth and community development organizations of their choice.

We are grateful for the support we receive from this program. What an excellent way for a business to give back to the community! On behalf of the teachers and students we serve, thank you!



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