Things are looking “Up&Up” at the Free Store


Now that back-to-school season is behind us, we are so excited to share that Schoolhouse Supplies received a very generous donation of supplies from Target through the Kids in Need Foundation. This couldn’t come at a better time. Several of our teachers report that the first round of schools supplies brought to the classroom at the beginning of the year, start to diminish around the holidays.

The donation we received includes Target Up&Up Brand supplies including nine palettes of washable markers, colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencil pouches, pencils, and pens. In fact, 26 cases of pencils weighed a whopping 1,032 pounds and 27 cases of washable markers weighed 1,660 pounds! This gift will enable us to have the basics section of the  Free Store for Teachers stocked for several months and all of the items are available in the Free Store now!

The partnership between Target and the Kids in Need Foundation not only provides our teachers with much needed supplies, it will provide school supplies for students across the nation. During this past July 13 through August 2, Target donated one school supply item for every Up&Up school supply purchased. Target’s goal was to donate up to $25 million in supplies and support two million students as they head back to school. Learn more about their partnership here.

We are so thankful for the donation from Target. We know that we would not be able to serve teachers all year long without support from our partners and our community. To learn about how to contribute to the Free Store for Teachers, click here.

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