Team Rose City Rollers: Kim “Rocket Mean” Stegeman and Meg “Holy HauteDish” Bernstein

Skating to the Celebrity Spelling Bee stage for the first time is Team Rose City Rollers! Kim “Rocket Mean” Stegeman and Meg “Holy HauteDish” Bernstein join forces to represent Rose City Rollers at Schoolhouse Supplies’ annual fundraising event. Can they use their roller derby strategy to hip whip to spelling victory?

Kim “Rocket Mean” Stegeman is the Founder and Executive Director of Rose City Rollers. It has been her full time job since 2006, making her the longest living employee of modern derby! From 2004-2009 she skated for ‘Guns and Rollers’ and the RCR all-star team, the ‘Wheels of Justice.’ She has degrees in Advertising and Marketing from Portland State University and worked for Davis Elen Advertising prior to running RCR. She has been featured in Portland Business Journal and volunteers doing strategic planning and business coaching because she loves it! She is married to a laid back Canadian glass blower, as he puts it, opposites attract. Her favorite foods are spicy, and is disappointed that turning 40 meant the introduction of heartburn.

Meg “Holy HauteDish” Bernstein is a Midwestern transplant. She currently skates for Rose City Rollers Wreckers and has been proudly mediocre at roller derby since 2016, she’s a pretty good speller, and an unapologetic bubble gum chewer. She works in tech, where she uses her Virgo powers for good instead of evil.

Cheer on Team Rose City Rollers March 4th at the rocking Revolution Hall. Learn more about the Celebrity Spelling Bee and how to purchase tickets for this annual spelling spectacular.

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