Team OnPoint Community Credit Union: Joe Minato and Lindsey Murphy

Reigning champion OnPoint Community Credit Union continues its generous support of the Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee and defends the title of Spelling Champion! Joining Team OnPoint to retain the prestigious title is Joe Minato, Wilson High School Science Teacher and 2019 OnPoint Educator of the Year Finalist, and Lindsey E. Murphy, award-winning creator and host of The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey. 

Joe Minato

Joe can distill the toughest of science concepts in ways that are engaging and fun, all while giving his students a gift even more important than the knowledge they gain: he inspires them to believe in themselves as learners. Joe travels far beyond the walls of his classroom to innovatively and authentically support student learning. He has started an innovative program called “Science Salons” that pairs AP Physics students with underclassmen needing additional help. He has also started an astronomy club, hosts community star parties and teaches continuing education courses to early-mid career teachers.

Passion for teaching

In his own words: “By encouraging cooperation between students, staff, and members from the greater community, I develop a student-centered learning atmosphere. Much of the students’ time is spent on projects that integrate subject matter and learning styles. I am committed to helping each child to fulfill his or her potential. My guiding philosophical theme is that each student is an individual and has unique strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and needs.”

Lindsey Murphy

Named one of Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 for 2019, Lindsey Murphy has been called a “visionary,” “ force of nature,” “breath of fresh air,” and is said to “light up the darkest corners of any room.” This may be because she believes in and strived toward a world full of joy, fun, healed hearts, and people empowered and released to truly live out the fullness of their lives. These are the values that inform every single thing she does.

She is the award-winning creator + host of The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey, YouTube’s most beloved kids science web series that takes everyday science concepts and turns them into fabulous DIY projects children can do at home with their families. Since launching in 2010, the show has garnered partnerships with the likes of Scientific American Magazine, the New York Academy of Sciences, been published in various national family magazines, and crowdfunded nearly $100,000 for independent production in 2019. 

Lindsey is a regular guest on television shows, conference stages, and has been invited to speak at places like Harvard University and Google Inc. to give talks on such topics as creative media in science communications, Diversity in STEM, fundraising, entrepreneurship, being brave, having courage, branding and marketing in the digital age. She is the four-time livestream host of TEDxPortland and has hosted two travel web series for Travel Oregon and Wieden+Kennedy’s On She Goes, Seasons 1 and 2.

Before jumping feet-first into full time business ownership in 2017, Lindsey spent more than 15 years in digital media, marketing, advertising, and business development, having started her career at MTV Networks and spent time at Nike and Wieden+Kennedy. As the CEO of Murph Media Co., Lindsey specializes in making content from the heart, digital consulting, audience + creative development.

Cheer for Team OnPoint at the 2020 Celebrity Spelling Bee March 4th at the remarkable Revolution Hall.

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