Team iHeartMedia: Radio Stars Stacey Lynn and Cort Webber

We already knew that the Celebrity Spelling Bee presented by Fred Meyer was going to
be a fun night, but now the bar is raised. Spelling on the stage for Team iHeartMedia
are two personalities well-known to legions of fans – K103’s Stacey Lynn and Cort
Webber of The Brew.

Cort is an Oregon native, a dad, a nerd, a beer snob and has been on Portland radio for 24 years. In that order.

Portland radio personality of 24 years, loves coffee, long walks on the beach and, if they’ve showered, her three sons.

She does not pretend to be a spelling jeanious. Proud supporter of Music Workshop, Beaverton Schools, Race For The Cure, The LGBTQ community and anyone making an effort to do something kind.

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