PEMCO Appreciates Teachers!

May i13_PEM0019A_Teacher Appreciation Flyer_F.indds Teacher Appreciation Month in our Free Store, and PEMCO Insurance is stepping up to sponsor their third Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes.

PEMCO has been an outstanding partner to Schoolhouse Supplies, supporting our efforts to ensure that teachers and students have the tools they need to be successful. A deep commitment to education is integral to the firm, from its roots—founder Robert J. Handy was a Seattle journalism and math teacher—to its ongoing support of local teachers through professional development opportunities, partnerships, and financial support.

PEMCO_AllisonLeepPEMCO’s Senior Education Representative, Allison Leep, is the liaison between the insurance company and the education community. She says, “It gives me great pleasure to work for a company that wants to create the type of learning experiences that I was lucky enough to have for myself.”

As the child of educators and school administrators, Allison witnessed the trials and triumphs of teaching from the very beginning, but the value of school really crystalized during her years at Little Lake Elementary in Hemet, CA: “From my first faint memories of interacting with my 1st grade teacher to my 6th grade graduation, every activity was meaningful. I developed a love for reading, I developed a love for physical activity, and I was given the opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences. All of these have led me to where I am today.”

All too often, the challenging work that teachers do goes unrecognized by the wider community, so PEMCO celebrates Teacher Appreciation Month with gusto as special way to say thank you, to show “gratitude for those who have taken on the great responsibility of educating our youth.”

If you are or know a teacher who would like to participate in the Teach Appreciation Month Sweepstakes, here are the details:

– Winners will be selected each Friday this month (May 9, 16, 23 & 30)
– The prize for each drawing will be a $500 credit toward school supplies for your classroom
– Supplies can be ordered now or in the fall

Visit our Sweepstakes form to enter.

Our thanks go out to Allison and everyone else at PEMCO Insurance for your enthusiasm, belief in the power of education, and generous support for Schoolhouse Supplies!


2 Responses to “PEMCO Appreciates Teachers!”

  1. Amber Insley

    I would like to enter my son’s teacher in your contest, She is amazing! Her Name is Tonya Taylor at Ardenwald Elementry in the LEEP classroom. My son is special needs and this is his first year in her class and the changes in him have been just so awe inspiring. My son has really started to blossom into a social butterfly~ being in her classroom has changed his life & given us both more hope for his future.

    Is there another contest parents can nominate teachers for because Toyna and the teacher’s aids in that classroom really do deserve an award for the work they do.

    Thank you,

  2. Schoolhouse Supplies

    Amber, we love hearing about awesome teachers! Thank you for sharing your story.

    Ms. Taylor is totally eligible to enter the sweepstakes. Just direct her to the entry form She and all of the teachers can enter daily to increase their chances of winning!


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