Sneak Peek: Get to Know the Celebs: Vol 3

121030095709-bully-locker-story-top-1It’s too easy to mess with newbies. They’re inexperienced and don’t really know what’s going on, offering you the perfect opportunity to pull off silly pranks like steal their food, or push them into an open locker when they least expect it.

Listen, we get it. But here at Schoolhouse Supplies, we like “newbies.” In fact, we’re committed to changing the whole “Freshman – Senior” dynamic, and making sure that everyone gets along. So for our third and final celebrity sneak peak, we wanted to introduce you to the fresh faces. The celebs that will be competing for the very first time in our OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee. That way you’ll be able to get to know ’em, before you judge ’em … or at least feel the urge to mess with ‘em.

Tim Euhus

photoThere’s nothing civil about the annual Civll War. But Tim Euhus did little to help mitigate that rivalry. Born and raised in Tracktown, USA, Euhus did the unthinkable; play college ball at Oregon State. Although single handedly responsible for igniting dozens of riots throughout Eugene (for crossing that line), it’s safe to say that Tim made the right decision as he was later drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2004. And just because he learned the value of solving problems with a left-hook during a vicious lunchroom brawl in middle school, don’t think Tim is all brawn and no brains. In fact, Tim admits that his favorite subject has always been math, and that he still refers to the TI-84 Scientific Calculator as, “the cat’s meow.”

Anjali Hursh (DJ Anjali)

sailorjerry_cleanSince her Portland debut in 2000, when she introduced “bhangra” & “Bollywood” to the dance floors of Portland, DJ Anjali has existed as the city’s primary advocate and dance missionary for the many varied electronic sounds of the South Asian diaspora. She co-hosts one of the city’s longest running dance parties, teaches Panjabi folk dance, and travels routinely to share Indian dance music in clubs and at music festivals such as Sasquatch. As one half of the duo “Anjai & The Kid,” she co-hosts 2 cult radio shows, one on KBOO Community Radio, and a new show on XRAY FM.

Kodi Sawyer

coffin hsNamed, “Best Female Model” by the Portland Fashion and Style Awards, Kodi has graced innumerable amounts of lenses, and will surely continue doing so for years to come. Perhaps it was competing on her school’s wrestling team for 4 years where she learned how to fight her way to the top. Or, perhaps more likely, it was learned growing up on a llama ranch. Whatever the case may be, her innate competitive spirit has allowed Sawyer to work with world renowned photographers such as Julian Wilde, Sam Rambo, and Mark Coffin. Needless to say, if you’re not already familiar with her name, Google image it, and prepare to be mesmerized.

Margaret Seiler

MargaretSeilerTo describe Margaret in one word; interesting. No, not because she’s the Senior Copy Editor for Portland Monthly (although that certainly connotes a sense of gaudy eccentricity). Rather, it’s because of things like being referred to as “Boddy” by close friends and family. Spending time in the principal’s office for having a lack of God-fearing patriotism. Oh, and scoring one goal and six assists in the 1997-98 collegiate ice hockey season. If you see her around, ask her a question. Strike up a conversation. Trust us, you wont be disappointed.

Please check back next week for another installment of our series and click here to reserve your tickets to the OnPoint Celebrity Spelling Bee now. 

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