Sneak Peek: Get to Know the Celebs: Vol 1

It’s your chance to get to know some of our Celebrity Spellers before they take the stage at the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee, presented by Comcast on Thursday, January 3o at the Portland Art Museum. Be sure to check back next week as we feature another group of this year’s brave luminaries!

We start with a group of returning spellers—a dashing news anchor, a cupcake war winner and delightful ballerina—in other words, a group that is full of wit and charm. These celebrity spellers will have you at h-e-l-l-o!

Reggie Aqui

reggie-aquiReggie Aqui, whose own brother calls him “The Reg”,  wanted to be dolphin trainer/Disney imagineer as a kid. He is terrified of spelling the word vacuum, once sang for Dolly Parton, and is surprised he survived shop class in high school with all his fingers intact. Reggie’s favorite teachers include Mrs. Wong-Kam, who held his hand in Kindergarden, and Regina Robbins, his 11th grade English teacher who introduced him to Holden Caulfield.


Kyra Bussanich

KyraKyra Bussanich, a winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars,  actually was voted most likely to become famous in her yearbook. Kyra admits her favorite subject in school was probably lunch (and then maybe english), and recognizes her 8th and 9th grade teacher Lloyd Dilbeck, as her favorite educator. She has met Dr. Or and had a coffee with Superman, so the other celebs may want to watch out!  Find out more at

Candace Bouchard

candaceCandace Bouchard won her school’s  5th grade Spelling Bee and is looking forward to some friendly trash talk at this year’s Bee. She tells us that her favorite supply is those fine point pens, which make her very happy, and that rubber cement was “some pretty amazing stuff.”  A fan of english and math in school, she always knew she wanted to be a ballet star, and want to thank her favorite teacher Ms. Shrek, who always expected more from her students.


With the help of local businesses and the support of the community, the Onpoint Community Credit Union Spelling Bee has become one of Portland’s most anticipated events.  Click here to learn more and reserve your tickets today and stay tuned for more celeb spotlights to come!

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