Sneak Peak; Spoils of ‘The Bee’ and the Silent Auction


Our annual OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee, presented by Comcast is just three weeks away. And to make the buzz around this event just that much louder, we wanted to give you a taste of what the night’s festivities will look like, and what you yourself could take home. 

Imagine now, if would, that you are at the Bee. As with any gala event, the night begins with delectable hors d’oeuvres, socializing and of course, cocktails. Friends and couples solidify memories in the requisite photo booth over there in the corner. And amidst the mass of conversation that overwhelmingly consumes the room, a single voiced roar is vaguely heard attempting to grab everyone’s attention. “What was that?” individuals begin to ask. “Did he just say…?” A more subdued tone falls over the masses as they make sure they all heard correctly. The single voice then lets out a triumphant call that does indeed answer the room’s anxious inquiries;“THE YELLOW TABLES ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE!”

A whisper quickly turns into a well-defined shrill as all scurry over to the marvelously decorated array of gifts and baskets that await the highest bidder. A collective “Ohhh” and “Ahh” befall those lucky enough to be at the front of the crowd. Perhaps due to their sheer excitement, individuals begin randomly shouting out the many prizes beheld in front of them.

IMG_3568“Xbox 360 games! Star Trek, Ultimate Ninja Storm, and Skylanders SWAP Force! Gosh, they even have PS3 and Wii games like Rock Candy and Transformers Prime!”

Another onlooker declares, “No. Way. Behind the scenes books of ParaNorman and Coraline!? Those are my favorite movies! And look at that, they come with each film’s DVD and poster!”

A gathering of sommeliers in attendance all shriek, “A collection of R Stuart & Co. Wines and Champagne! Some of the best wine’s to come from the Valley of the Willamette” they report in an exquisite manner. “Wait!” one interjects. “They also included a tour of vineyards throughout this gracious valley!” The sommeliers all faint in unison.

“Whoa! Look at this one!” another voice screams. “This basket’s got 2 Digital Trends Pint glasses, a Gumdrop iPad Mini Case, “The Selfie” by Gabba Goods, and Monster Wireless headphones. I mean, it’s easily worth $295 but it’s highest bid is only at $200. That’s… that’s a steal!” A quiet vigilance befalls the crowd. All stare at one another, just waiting for the first person to make a move. All at once, an explosion of chaos erupts as a frenzy of arms and hands fight each other and vigorously reach for the nearest auction card on which to write their bid.

IMG_3557Of course, this is all just speculation. We can’t promise that anyone is going to pass out due to an over abundance of excitement. That someone’s two favorite movies just happen to be ParaNorman and Coraline. Or that there will even be an entire group of sommeliers in attendance (although this occasion, in all its elegance, certainly calls for at least three). But what we can promise at this year’s Celebrity Spelling Bee is a night full of philanthropy, spectacle, and an array of marvelous items on which to place a bid. As far as keeping the auction “quiet”… we’ll do our best.

Contributed by: Mat Topolewski

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