School Pass Program

This year we have started a new program for schools with less than 30% of their students on free and reduced lunch. Many schools in this group only need a limited amount of trips to get the supplies that they need, but may have difficulty getting to the store because of the distance from our location. We wanted to create a program with more flexibility while still giving all schools access to the supplies at the store. This program is also the way that alternative programs in the district can get access to the Free Store for Teachers.

Benefits of this program:

  • Passes can be used whenever the store is open and are not restricted by the shopping calendar.
  • Passes can be used by any person on staff.

How it works:

  • A school signs up for the program
  • We will mail the passes to the school. The number of passes sent to the school is based on the number of students in need at your school.
  • A member of the school’s staff will be in charge of handing the passes out to the people who are interested in using them.
  • The pass holders come to the store and give them to the volunteer at the front desk when they check in to shop.
  • Shopping begins!


Please note that schools in this group are no longer part of our shopping calendar. The shopping calendar is a program for schools with over 30% free and reduced lunch. By making changes like this, we have been able to create space for more than 10 high need schools that did not have access until this year. Thank you for supporting these changes.