Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series: Sara Yellan

The Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series continues – where we highlight members of our staff, board, and volunteers. This week you will learn about Sara Yellan, Administrative Coordinator.

sara1-webNative of…and Portlander since?

Since 2001, exactly 12 years this spring! People often ask me why I moved from somewhere like Arizona to Portland. The answer is simple. One visit here was all it took…I guess it could be called love at first sight.

When did you join the Schoolhouse Supplies team?

I joined the Schoolhouse team in June of 2013.

What Were You Up To Before Schoolhouse Supplies?

I was quite the busy bee. First, the Cultural Program and Events Manager at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, a Team Building Specialist with Run Brain Run, and a Resident Expert (a.k.a. tour guide) with Portland Walking Tours.

Favorite Section/Item In Our Store:

Well, since I didn’t know until I started working here that we offer books, I’d say that is the most pleasant surprise, making it my favorite section as of right now.

Teacher She’d Most Love to See In Our Store:

My friend Sara! After years of substitute teaching, she is finishing up her first year of having her own classroom, teaching math to middle school and high school students who need a little extra help in their studies.

What She Does In Her Spare Time:

During the summer, I really enjoy of the Pacific Northwest outdoors by kayaking, camping, picnicking, playing tennis, sunning by rivers, indulging in outdoor happy hour at local restaurants, and just walking around my neighborhood. The rest of the year I can also be found playing acoustic guitar, attending concerts, caring for many houseplants, boxing, working out at my gym, and attempting to make homemade gifts (not always successfully, unfortunately).

Mainly, I’m a social butterfly and spend much of my time laughing with friends and my partner Will. And once a year, I have the honor of being a volunteer announcer in a tower during the Rose Festival’s Starlight Parade!

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