Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series; Mathew Topolewski

IMG_3485Meet Mat, our new Schoolhouse Supplies Marketing Intern

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, (also known as “Hockey Town USA,”) it’s no surprise that I grew up playing hockey. One day while I was in high school, I received a phone call from the Junior A. Hockey Team in Eugene, Oregon informing me that I had been drafted. So the true pioneer spirit rose up inside of me as I packed my bags and headed out to Oregon for the first time in my life. After arriving, I absolutely fell in love with the local university, community, and overall state. After graduating from the University of Oregon four years later during the spring of 2013, I knew I wasn’t ready to say, “So Long” to the great Pacific Northwest just yet. Choosing Portland – a drop dead beautiful city with an incredibly progressive and creative culture, and amazing food – was really a no brainer.

Although I have only just arrived at Schoolhouse Supplies, I have to say that the crayon and colored pencil section is quite special. There’s just something about all the beautiful colors, and irrefutable sense of creativity which they all evoke that is just mesmerizing. Not to mention their ability to help one create a mean picture of the beach.

Now that I work at Schoolhouse Supplies, I often catch myself wondering which one of my old teachers I would love to see come into our free store. Hands down, it would be my old Shakespeare/English teacher from the U of O, Professor Ginsberg because he is probably the most spirited, entertaining, and interesting teachers that I’ve ever had. For example, he made Edmund Spencer’s, “The Faerie Queen,” entertaining. To put it simply, seeing him in a store with free school supplies would simply be magical.

Outside of being hypnotized by crayons and reminiscing about old teachers, I’m actually a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy always looking for an adventure and good story. Specifically, I’m drawn to all things water from surfing to swimming, cliff diving to scuba. One of my life dreams is to own a sail boat and sail around the world, (or at least the Pacific Ocean).

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