Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series: Cheryl Larson

The Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series continues – where we highlight members of our staff, board, and volunteers. This week you will learn about Marketing Coordinator, Cheryl Larson. We have a few new faces around, so stay tuned. In the following weeks we will be introducing you to all of our new staff and interns.

cheryl-finalNative of…and Portlander since? 

I moved to Portland in May of 1996. I came on a frequent-flyer ticket that I had earned visiting friends in Seattle and NYC. I loved both places, but knew I had to find a city that was less hectic, so without having even visited Portland I hopped on the plane. Fifteen minutes after arriving I found myself renting an apartment in Sellwood. Though I have moved four times since I first arrived, I’m still in Sellwood. That was some serious beginners luck!

When did you join the Schoolhouse Supplies team?
I joined the team on May 28, 2013, just one week ago today!

What Were You Up To Before Schoolhouse Supplies?
For the past five years, I ran two small business of my own, a marketing communications firm, redhen communications, where I was able to live my passion for helping small business, nonprofits and entrepreneurs thrive, and holden lee tees, a collaboration with my 11-year-old son, Holden. Through both businesses I was able to connect with the creative community of Portland and spent four years as a volunteer council member for I Heart Art: Portland, an organization that provided education and networking opportunities to handmade artists in the area who were looking to improve their business savvy. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to channel some of these energies into Schoolhouse Supplies.

Favorite Section/Item In Our Store:
With the Free Store closed for shopping during the summer, the shelves are nearly cleared out, which is fantastic! I can’t wait to see all of the boxes of pencils, glue sticks and rulers fill up the shelves over the summer. While I do plan to spend some time looking through all of the books that come in through the Month of a Million Story Times book drive happening this month, the best section to me is the “incentives” section—I was highly motivated by incentives when I was in school, and really, who doesn’t want a fancy pencil.

Teacher She’d Most Love to See In Our Store:
I would love to see my high school science teachers, Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Cassini. What I think was so amazing about them was that they gave me so much that fell outside of the day-to-day learning; including a homemade, lasagna lunch in the science lab once. They gave selflessly of themselves to all of their students, and though the cost associated with those things was lost on me as a student, they certainly made me feel that they were sincerely invested in my success. While the Free Store doesn’t stock lasagna, the spirit of investment, support and desire to see their students succeed is in constant supply from the staff, volunteers and teachers.

What She Does In Her Spare Time:

I spend a lot of time with my husband Dan and my son Holden. We have a trampoline and a massive garden, so I’m particularly fond of the warm summer months. On the weekends you can often find me in my basement studio screen printing and sewing wares for sale at local craft shows. I also bake a mean chocolate cake.


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