Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series: Caitlin Collings-Domingo

The Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series continues – where we highlight members of our staff, board, and volunteers. This week you will learn about Caitlin Collings-Domingo, Community Engagement Coordinator here at Schoolhouse Supplies.

Native of…and Portlander since?
I’m from way up north on the wooded Canadian border of Maine; a little town called Fort Kent. I have been happily living in Portland for a little over 4 years.

When did you join the Schoolhouse Supplies team?
I joined the Schoolhouse team in the fall of 2011, right in our busiest season!

What Were You Up To Before Schoolhouse Supplies?
I’ve worked at two other Portland nonprofits, Free Geek and Impact NW, where I did community engagement, program management, volunteer management and much more! I’ve been engaging community members with important nonprofit missions for over ten years.

Favorite Section/Item In Our Store:
This is a really hard choice. I think I will stick with the art aisle. I am a painter and mixed-media artist and I understand personally that access to art and creative teachers can alter and improve quality of life. The book section and the rows of shiny new basics are also some of my favorite places in the Free Store.

Teacher She’d Most Love to See In Our Store:
My mom! She is one of the most dedicated and creative teachers I have ever known (I might be a little biased though).  She spends about 6 hours in her classroom every Sunday organizing supplies and creating lesson plans.  She also spends money out of pocket as well as a lot of her time writing grants for specific materials and manipulatives.  It would be amazing for her to be able to shop at our Free Store for Teachers.  She even volunteered in our store last time she visited and had a great time!

What She Does In Her Spare Time:
I love to adventuring around the streets, forests, rivers, restaurants, and parks of the Pacific Northwest, especially with my wife Joy.  I can also be found reading, painting, making delicious food and drinks, and having a good time with family, friends and my cat; Quimby M. Jones.

What’s your favorite Schoolhouse Supplies story?
My favorite stories almost always involve volunteers. One that comes to mind is about a young man who volunteers every other week with a group of adults with disabilities. They help sort and bundle school supplies, including bundling pencils in groups of 10.  This volunteer had never been able to learn to count, but by volunteering to help bundle supplies for students in need, he started to learn how to count for the first time.  His excitement and happiness were contagious! I love that the simple act of counting and bundling pencils can change the lives of not only the students who use them, but also the volunteers who bundle them.

Check back soon for more posts about the wonderful people who make Schoolhouse Supplies such an amazing community!

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