Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series: Bo Bullock

We continue our Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series, which highlights various members of our staff and volunteers. This week you will learn about Bo Bullock, Operations at Schoolhouse Supplies.

Native of…and Portlander since?
I grew up in Big Sky country in Bozeman, Montana. Went to school in Eugene, OR (Go Ducks!).  I’ve been living in Portland since 2006

When did you join the Schoolhouse Supplies team?
April Fools’ Day, 2007.

What Were You Up To Before Schoolhouse Supplies?
I worked for a family- owned business that sold kitchen and housewares to resorts, hotels and restaurants around the country. I was also a camp counselor at a Rotary leadership camp during my summers and before that, I was a certified tennis instructor.

Favorite Section/Item In Our Store:
Arts and Crafts. My mom is an artist who always encouraged my twin sister and I to pursue our creative talents. I can’t imagine growing up without art supplies. Arts and crafts supplies are in high demand, expensive and often out of reach for many students. I have learned here at Schoolhouse that teachers are so creative in the ways they use random materials for art projects in their classrooms.

Teacher He’d Most Love to See In Our Store:
Mrs. Pool, who  was my 2nd grade teacher and a total rock star! She really built up my confidence in my artistic abilities and let me design the classroom newsletter. It mostly consisted of bubble letters, and Garfields & Odies (her favorite comic strip).

What He Does In His Spare Time:
I lived to play sports when I was younger, though now I am not as serious as I used to be. My favorites include, tennis, basketball and baseball. I love supporting my Oregon Ducks football team. I still paint and draw and every summer build a adult soapbox derby car with my friends. Camping and outdoor activities are squeezed in during our extremely busy Schoolhouse Supplies’ summers!

What’s your favorite Schoolhouse Supplies story?
When I first joined the Schoolhouse Supplies staff, we were holding a fundraising event at the Kennedy School and we were short a volunteer to wear our mascot costume, Pencil Pete: a giant #2 pencil.  Being the ham I am, I stepped-up and filled the position. Friends and family were showing up to attend the event and I was nowhere to be seen; but little did they know I was the sharp guy in the 8 foot pencil costume handing out high-fives.

Stay tuned and check back for more posts featuring the Schoolhouse Supplies team coming soon!

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