Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series: Birkha Chuwan

The Schoolhouse Supplies Snapshot Series continues as we highlight various members of our staff and volunteers. This week you will learn about Birkha Chuwan, Schoolhouse Supplies.Operations Intern for the past two summers.

Native of…and Portlander since?
I am a native of Bhutan and a Portlander since February 2010, and also am one of the many immigrants to the USA in 2010.

When did you join the Schoolhouse Supplies team?
I joined the schoolhouse team during the summer of 2011 as a summer intern and I am back again this year through the program called SummerWorks. SummerWorks is sponsored by the City of Portland and made possible to me by IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization).

What Were You Up To Before Schoolhouse Supplies?
Before I got the chance to join Schoolhouse Supplies,  I was a confused high school graduate, unsure about my next step.  However, I was lucky enough to find a gateway, IRCO, and through them to join the group at Schoolhouse which is full of such wonderful people. By looking at how proud there are for what they doing, I am committed that I will do something like that to bring smiles and hope on the faces of frustrated and confused students. Thanks from my bottom of heart to those organizations that afford students like me, who don`t have stable job experience, the opportunity to stand by ourselves and be able to explore their career path in this adventurous world. These opportunities to learn help us decide what is the best fit are very important.

Favorite Part Of Schoolhouse Supplies?
Giving students backpacks when there family can`t afford it and serving the teachers who don`t have enough resources to start up the new school year has always been my favorite part of being here at Schoolhouse Supplies.

Teacher He’d Most Love to See In Our Store:
Observing the teachers in the Free Store shopping from the shelves stocked by me and my team makes me feel great. I  would most love to see my kindergarten teacher shopping here, and I would like to help him find all the various items around the store

What He Does In His Spare Time:
I love playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and helping those who need my help to make my neighborhood a better place to live.

Stay tuned and check back for more posts featuring the Schoolhouse Supplies team coming soon!

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