Schoolhouse Supplies Report Card


Since opening the doors in 1999, Schoolhouse Supplies has been supplying teachers with FREE school supplies. In our 15 years we have greeted teachers 51,725, providing them with shopping trips through our Free Store for Teachers. Did you know that with each shopping trip, teachers walk away with an average of $300 worth of suppliesWe are pretty proud of that number, but none of this would be possible without support from our dedicated volunteers, who in the past 15 years have logged more than 85,000 volunteer hours.

Of course, we also need to thank our donors and partners for joining us to support teachers and students. Their support helps us deliver our mission to serve students and teachers, providing equal access to the tools that they need to succeed.

Why all this background information? Well, today we are half-way to our fundraising goal for the Willamette Week Give!Guide. With less than three weeks left, we hope that you will consider a gift to Schoolhouse Supplies to help us keep the shelves stocked in the Free Store. Take a look at our report card below. We have done a lot of work in the past 15 years, but there is still need, and that means we still have work to do.

PS Giving today enters you to win an ice cream party from Salt & Straw for you and 200 of your closest friends! How “cool” would that be!?

Give Today to WIN!



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