PEMCO Appreciates Teachers : Week Two

Kerry WDid you hear? It’s teacher appreciation MONTH in the Schoolhouse Supplies Free Store for Teachers. While most teachers are still basking in the glow of school, parent and student efforts to let them know how much they mean to all of us, we’re still shinning a light on the topic.

Teacher are amazing, and we are full of gratitude for their hard work.

Here’s a #TBT tribute to a teacher who made a strong impact on our Schoolhouse Supplies Board member, Kerry Waterman!

“An impactful teacher for me was my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Simeon.   She was extremely tough grader and liked assignments that stretched us beyond our comfort zone. She was, however, very kind and hard working and her main objective was to prepare us to be successful in junior high, high school and beyond.   Her assignments were hard enough that it stumped our parents at times, but always followed with lessons on how to solve the problems or overcome obstacles.  Her discipline and rigor helped to lay a framework that I truly look back on a appreciate as I believe it set me up to be successful in the classroom and future work environment.”

~Kerry Waterman

Remember to tell your favorite Portland Metro teacher to enter the PEMCO Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes daily to increase their chances of winning! Plus, with each entry, Schoolhouse Supplies receives $5 from PEMCO. That’s what you call a win, win!

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