PEMCO Appreciates Teachers: Week 3

CherylWe hope you’ve heard that it’s teacher appreciation MONTH in the Schoolhouse Supplies Free Store for Teachers. We’ve had some great fun this week! PEMCO came by on Tuesday to help us spin the prize wheel and Portland’s own Gelato Maestro served up scoops of some of the best (we’re serious) gelato around!

Today, teachers are in the Free Store for the LAST day of shopping until next year. Where has the year gone!?

And as it has become our tradition this month, here is a #TBT tribute to a teacher who made a strong impact on our Schoolhouse Supplies staff member, Cheryl Larson!

I Appreciate Mr. Harris

One of the “consequences” of coming from a family of six children is the fact that you are one of several. Part of team with one mission, with not a lot of room for self expression…that is if you want to keep the house in order. Or so it was my experience. Until Central Junior High School and Mr. Harris.

I remember him as young teacher, eager to appreciate the uniqueness in each of his students. He had a commitment to and passion for  nurturing our young minds. His approach included 35mm prints of the Three Stooges played as part of his curriculum, followed by in-depth conversations of human experiences and personal relationships. I have a visceral recall of being in that classroom–the flickering of the film unfolding the storylines and my mind opening like a shutter as I considered how I might contribute to the dialogue to follow. He taught me to open my mind. In his class I first started to comprehend the integral relationships of family, of friends, of the underdog, the bully and the class clown. These are things I think about often, and it has served me well in my career path where I tell stories everyday. There really is no greater gift than a teacher with that kind of lasting impact.

To all of the teachers out there, opening minds, supporting self confidence and guiding students to become better people—our hats are off to you!

Remember to tell your favorite Portland Metro teacher to enter the PEMCO Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes daily to increase their chances of winning! Plus, with each entry, Schoolhouse Supplies receives $5 from PEMCO. That’s what you call a win, win!

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