Partner Volunteer Spotlight – Knowledge Universe Internal Audit Team

Knowledge_Universe_RGBKnowledge Universe supports Schoolhouse Supplies in myriad ways, and dedicated volunteerism is an important aspect of that support. Every year, we partner with KU’s Internal Audit Team to set-up for our annual fundraiser, the Celebrity Spelling Bee. This quarter we are shining a spotlight on KU’s Internal Audit Team, and asking them a few questions.

Why does the Internal Audit Team choose to volunteer with Schoolhouse Supplies?

  • Schoolhouse Supplies’ focus on children and education aligns with that of Knowledge Universe, so supporting Schoolhouse Supplies is a great fit for us. Our goals are one and the same: the education and development of children.
  • We continue to choose this event because Schoolhouse Supplies really values our help and needs the extra hands.
  • We like that we keep our focus on a very important part of education, the tools that kids need to learn.

What are the most-used school or office supplies in the Internal Audit Department?

  • Paper! Audit work requires a lot of support and backup documentation, so we use a lot of paper.
  • HIGHLIGHTERS. Some staff use 6 different colors on a regular basis. If there were more colors available, they would use those too!
  • Pens and staples!

Knowledge Universe is a leading global education organization with a network of more than 3,000 locations worldwide, employing over 40,000 education professionals, operating early childhood education centers, international schools, colleges, large on-line schools and school management systems, which together touch over 300,000 students daily.

Thank you to Knowledge Universe for your ongoing support of our programs!

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