Partner Spotlight: PEMCO Insurance

pemco logoWe are very thankful for all of our partners’ dedication to teachers and Schoolhouse Supplies.

One such parter is PEMCO Insurance. They have been supporting educators and Schoolhouse Supplies for years. PEMCO’s commitment to teachers stems from Robert J. Handy, the founder of PEMCO. Robert, previously a math and journalism teacher, still helps teachers and schools not just through financial contributions but also by actively volunteering in classrooms. We think that’s pretty amazing!

PEMCO Cultivates Teacher AppreciationRicky-Santillan-1

Ricky Santillan is one of PEMCO’s star Portland-based Field Insurance Agents. Ricky recognizes the importance and value of teachers; “Teachers have a tremendous impact on the foundation of each kid from effort habits, to morals, to respect. Education had a tremendous influence on my siblings and me.”

In fact, Ricky’s favorite teacher was his science teacher. “Mr. Herrera was my sixth grade science teacher. Mr. Herrera was knowledgeable about the subject and knew how to make science fun. He used real life scenarios to make a point and kept all the students engaged and forced us to think ‘outside the box.’”

Working around students and teachers, we are always curious about what folks wanted to be when they grew up. for Ricky, it was a professional soccer player. But it was at an early age that he realized that maybe a Plan B was in the works. “I was 7 years old when I started selling newspapers in my hometown. This experience provided me with personal skills and most important that work ethic that requires to achieve goals. During college I worked for a high end clothing store and became the second best sales representative. It was then that I discovered that working around people in a sales environment appeals to me.” Portland Timber’s loss is PEMCO’s gain.


One way PEMCO supports our teachers is through their Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes. Last month, four hardworking and deserving teachers were awarded $500 to spend on new school supplies for their classrooms. With each entry in the Sweepstakes, PEMCO donated $5 to Schoolhouse Supplies which will help us to stock the shelves of the Free Store for Teachers!

Thank you for all of your support, PEMCO and Ricky! We know your support of education helps teachers to keep kids learning and moving toward a bright future.

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