Pack-a-Palooza Partner Spotlight: Salesforce

View More: longer the new kids on the block, Salesforce cameback for their second year of Tools For Schools’ Pack-a-Palooza with a mission – a mission to provide Portland Public School students the tools they need to achieve their full potential and beyond. At the end of the day, Salesforce successfully accomplished their mission and packed nearly 600 backpacks filled with the essential supplies students need for the upcoming school year. Packing to support Woodlawn School, Salesforce packed at an impressive speed of 2.41 seconds per backpack and they’re  already strategizing for next year’s Pack-a-Palooza.

View More: we asked Jessica Tran for her insight on Salesforce’s 2-year commitment to Tools for Schools, here is what she had to share:

Why do you support Schoolhouse Supplies and our mission?

Many of us are either former public school students, or have friends or family who are part of the public school system as students or teachers. Because of our ties to public school, it’s a system that we believe in and that we want to be great. Even more than that, we all know there are bright and talented students attending public schools who we want—and need—to succeed, because they’re the next generation that’s going to be shaping the world we live in.

What is your favorite aspect of the Tools for Schools program?

Just one? Oh boy. The backpack delivery/handoff probably takes the cake. For a lot of us, we’re surrounded by an abundance of office supplies, and spend a lot of time on our computers daily – so we forget about the “magic” of things like pencils, paper and a ruler.

How was your Pack-a-Palooza experience?

Great! This was Salesforce’s second year participating and each time we’ve had a blast. It’s amazing how challenging it is though too! It seems like it’s just putting supplies into a backpack, but there’s so much more planning around who gets lined up where, which jobs need people, etc. – time to start working on our Pack-a-Palooza strategy for next year…

What was a memorable aspect of Pack-a-Palooza for you?

There is a moment right before the packing starts, where you look around and see bins of schools supplies all filled up, piles of notebooks, and a giant stack of unpacked backpacks. Everyone’s standing close to the tables, waiting in anticipation to dive in. You hear “Go!” and the next 10 or 15 minutes becomes a complete blur.

As a student, what was your favorite or most meaningful project you were assigned, and why?

I admittedly am a big family genealogy nerd—my first foray into this was a project to write and “publish” an autobiography (yes, officially bound with plastic combs). Learning about my family definitely created an increased appreciation for what you don’t see in people at the surface level, which has contributed a lot to the relationships that I’ve had with people (in and out of my family) throughout my life since then.

If the world could have an infinite amount of one school supply, what would it be, and why?

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in the value and necessity of pencils (Ticonderoga #2 pencils, of course). Bring in all the fancy school supplies you want, but we’ll always need the basics.

We appreciate the support of all of our Tools for Schools sponsors. Learn more about the program here.

Also, a little known fact—during our annual OnPoint Celebrity Spelling Bee, Pencil Pete tweets out up-to-the-minute updates and results, that’s the amazing Jessica Tran at work, volunteering again for Schoolhouse Supplies. Thanks, Jessica!

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