Pack-a-Palooza Partner Spotlight: Ideba Marketing

View More: the students are out for the summer—leisurely reading a chapter book, playing math games on the computer and…oh, who are we kidding, they’re at the pool, playing basketball at the park and just plain hanging out—Schoolhouse Supplies, along with nearly 600 corporate volunteers are very, very busy.

This week we officially kick off our Tools for Schools program with Pack-a-Palooza, a friendly competition between our corporate sponsors to see who can pack the backpacks the fastest. And while we call it “friendly,” let’s just say there are teams that arrive with strategies, optimization plans, and a practice run or two under their belts.

During the next few weeks, we’d like to introduce you to these amazing partners, and give you a little insight into their experience with Tools for Schools and Pack-a-Palooza and why supporting the success of Portland area students is important to them.

It seems fitting to start off with Ideba Marketing, the clear victors of the 2012 competition, an impressive finish in 2013 (tied with Comcast) and our reigning 2014 leaders after day one of Pack-a-Palooza. Co-sponsoring Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School with Chase Bank, this team means business!

When we asked David Sly for some input on Ideba’s 4-year commitment to Tools for Schools, here is what he had to offer:

Why do you support Schoolhouse Supplies and our mission?

Children are the future. It is absolutely imperative that as a society and as a business community, that we give them the very best tools to succeed in the classroom from day one, and empower them to be successful from a young age.

What is your favorite aspect of the Tools for Schools program?

Knowing that there is an organization that is passionate about supporting not just the kids, but also their teachers, and the schools themselves. That underlying intent and sense of purpose is most important.

How was your Pack-a-Palooza experience?

As a winner the last two years… satisfying. If we had not won… (Contenders for this year’s winner? With the leading time of 1.92 seconds-per-backpack, it could be! Based on their enthusiasm each year, we’re pretty sure they have a good time.)

What was a memorable aspect of Pack-a-Palooza for you?View More:

The sense of “team” with our friends at JPMorgan Chase. It gives two organizations that could not be more different in size and culture the opportunity to come together as one for a great cause. We’ve formed a very special relationship with Chase, largely in part because of our charitable work together, and we count them head and shoulders above all other organizations, as our number one business partnership.

As a student, what was your favorite or most meaningful project you were assigned, and why?

I have to be honest. I didn’t like school – but I did graduate! (We think he was probably busy mobilizing his community, which is something we’ve seen him do very well!)

If the world could have an infinite amount of one school supply, what would it be, and why?

Laptop PCs, as computers are a lens into everything going on in the world – and are very much a tool that will be essential to students when they leave school. My dream would be to provide every child a laptop to help them with their education.


Thank you Ideba Marketing and JPMorgan Chase for supporting the success of students.


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