Pack-a-Palooza Partner Spotlight: Chase Bank

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In their fifth year of supporting Tools for Schools, Chase Bank did not disappoint. Co-sponsoring Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School with Ideba Marketing, Chase Bank packed with their eyes on the prize. Right off the bat on the first day, team Chase Bank and Ideba Marketing set the bar with a lightning speed packing rate of 1.92 seconds per backpack!

View More: we asked Brian Stewart for some input on Chase Bank’s 5-year commitment to Tools for Schools, here is what he had to offer:

Why do you support Schoolhouse Supplies and our mission?

We have been a longtime supporter of Schoolhouse Supplies, both of their backpack program as well as their teacher store. They provide the necessary tools for our local children to succeed in school and do it very efficiently with limited resources.

What is your favorite aspect of the Tools for Schools program?

Seeing the kids’ faces light up when we begin handing out the backpacks full of supplies. They are excited and very appreciative of such a gift.

How was your Pack-a-Palooza experience?

The packing experience has been a great one for our employees as it provides a team building opportunity outside of the workplace, in a fun and somewhat competitive manner.

What was a memorable aspect of Pack-a-Palooza for you?

Having the chance to provide backpacks to so many deserving kids at Boise-Eliot Humboldt has been a great opportunity for me and our employees.

As a student, what was your favorite or most meaningful project you were assigned, and why?

I loved sports and a wonderful teacher gave me the opportunity to create a sports magazine in middle school. That experience allowed me to later write for a regional publication.

If the world could have an infinite amount of one school supply, what would it be, and why?

Erasers. We all make mistakes and should be given another opportunity to get it right!

We are so thankful for our amazing partners for helping us accomplish our mission. To find out more about how our Tools for Schools program serves students click here.


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