20130711_School_House_0099There’s a sense of freshness in the air. Flowers are beginning to bloom. The rain is slowly being replaced by more and more sun. Spring is just around the corner. And with the reviving nature attributed to this time of year is an excited anxiousness found in the demeanor of nearly every student. An anticipation so palpable, so warm, that it can only mean one thing; summer’s almost here. And like the students all across Portland, and for that matter the U.S., we too are already planning for the summer.

You see, before everyone heads back to school, we hold a Pack-a-Palooza in July to help us prepare for our annual Tools for Schools backpack give away. Over 25 local businesses along with dozens of amazing volunteers help us stuff backpacks full of enough supplies to support an entire year of learning. And although it may not be for another few months, we’ve already begun planning for the event and accepting sponsorships.

We should mention though that things are taken quite seriously at the Palooza. Dueling sponsors and groups battle each other vigorously during fierce competitions to see who can pack the fastest. As a result, strategies are made. Pressures and intensities continuously mount. Supplies are packed. And a difference is made. Last year, the competition yielded a tie between team CenturyLink and team Chase Bank & Ideba Marketing packing one backpack every 1.86 seconds. Thanks to the efforts of everyone participating, 12,941 students returned to school with the supplies they needed to succeed.

Check out our video made about last year’s Pack-a-Palooza here:

If you’re like us and already have your eyes set on summer, and would like to get involved with this year’s Pack-a-Palooza, shoot us an email. We’d love to chat.

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