Our Impact


Since our founding, Schoolhouse Supplies has distributed an estimated retail value of more than $19.3 million dollars of supplies into our local classrooms.


From Kids

“Some of our families can’t afford school supplies. Most people want a good education and you can’t get one without a pencil, so thank you for everything.” – Ernest

“Thank you for giving us the excellent school supplies. I got a mechanical pencil. I like it because, one touch of a button and lead comes out. Plus, I don’t have to hear the pencil sharpener all the time.” – Jamie

“Now we have all the school supplies we could ever need! All our school projects will be so much fun because of you!” – Madeleine

“Thanks for the pencils, I go through them like crazy!” – Henry

“Thank you for the school supplies. I especially like the microscope. I will use the microscope to see better in science and I can use it to learn more. Thank you!” – Paige

“Thank you for giving us the stuff we need to work with and we will show respect to the pencils and erasers. We will not break them or chow on the erasers.” – Eddy

From Schools

“No other local charity equips my students’ learning more directly and saves my school thousands of dollars a year in supply costs.”
– Sam Leach, 3rd Grade Teacher, James John Elementary

“Like the saying goes, ‘Build it and they will come’ Schoolhouse Supplies built it and the teachers are excited to come!”
– Tamala Newsome, Principal, Rosa Parks School and Board Member

“No longer do I see a few privileged students with expensive-looking backpacks while other children are without. Everyone is privileged! What a boost to a child’s self-esteem.” 
 – Susan Foxman, Principal, Vestal School

“You never know what you will find. My imagination runs wild at Schoolhouse Supplies!”
– Marge, PPS Head Start Teacher

From Our Partners

“Schoolhouse Supplies exists as a testament to how much our community truly values our teachers and quality public education for all children.”
– Katie Gold, Founder

“Schoolhouse Supplies has a simple but important agenda: to provide the learning tools that thousands of Portland Public School children need to succeed in attaining a meaningful education. This is a non profit that works exceedingly well.”
– Darrel Buttice, Past Board Chair

“Schoolhouse Supplies ROCKS! I am profoundly grateful to the many companies who donate all of the items I need throughout the school year. My kids are thankful because they get all sorts of cool stuff and it eases the pocketbooks of their parents, too.” 
 – Donna Scott, Teacher and Schoolhouse Supplies Volunteer

“It’s a great way for a handful of people to pitch in and make a direct difference.”
– Mike Swope, Senior Program Manager, WebTrends

“Being a corporate partner of Schoolhouse Supplies is definitely the right thing to do. This great organization puts the pencils, pens and other necessary supplies into the hands of our local teachers and students who need them to succeed. Its programs really make a tangible difference in Portland classrooms.”
– Alan Johnson, Oregon Regional President, Wells Fargo

“Schoolhouse Supplies, in a minimal amount of time, makes it possible to positively impact hundreds of children. One of the reasons that Comcast keeps coming back to work with and donate to Schoolhouse Supplies is how much our employees enjoy participating in the Tools for Schools program. From packing the backpacks in the summer to handing them out to the students on the first day of school, I think our employees have as much fun as the kids!”
– Rebecca Brown, Community Relations Manager, Comcast

“Helping students by supporting Schoolhouse Supplies is an investment in our collective future. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve.”
– Jeff Iwasaki, Smith CFI

“A little help goes a long way in the lives of Portland’s school children. So why wouldn’t you contribute to Schoolhouse Supplies?”
– Jill Weisensee, Portland Tribune

“The future of our country is based on our youth of today. The foundation of our economy relies on the education we give our kids. Clear Channel Radio is proud to support Schoolhouse Supplies because in order for our teachers to do the best job possible, they need to have the best resources possible.”
– Robert Dove, Market Manager, Clear Channel Radio Portland

“Schoolhouse Supplies makes such a huge difference to so many kids in our community. We are thrilled to be able to help!”
– Glynda Brockhoff, Philanthropy Coordinator, Fred Meyer Fund