New Playground Balls for Rigler!


IMG_20150618_162046Last week we had the pleasure of attending a fun end-of-year send off at Rigler Elementary School.

Moda, the 2014/15 Tools for Schools sponsor of Rigler, has continued to step up for their school community and they didn’t want to send the students home empty handed.

Motivational speaker and change agent, Kevin Carroll rallied the crowd to get them to make a promise to do one new thing over the summer; read a book, try a new sport, play a new game. 

Each of the nearly 500 students at Rigler received a tote bag full of fun activities and information about health, and a new playground ball for some guaranteed summer fun! 

Thanks for your extended commitment to your school community, Moda. We’re sure there will be some fierce games of foursquare happening in the Rigler neighborhood this summer.

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