Mission Moment: Christina Nguyen : 20 and Giving!

christinaAfter being away at college for the past two months, I had a great time over Thanksgiving break relaxing with my family. During my short break I had some time to think about what I have to be grateful for. I am grateful for my loving family and friends. I am also very thankful for having the privilege of being able to attend college. Furthermore, I am grateful for my capacities to help people less fortunate than myself.

One of the goals of Give!Guide is to encourage people ages 18-35 to start building philanthropic habits. As a 20-year-old, I know it can seem difficult for people in my age group to be philanthropic, but I know that it is important to start the habit of being generous—especially because it goes towards building a better community that I will be living in for decades. To me, a donation to Give!Guide is an investment in my future and the future of my community.

As a college student, I have textbooks, rent, and tuition payments on my plate, and many people in the 18-35 age group might be in the same situation or they might be starting families or their careers. I know that money is not abundant for everyone but it is very important to remember that every little bit adds up to make a big difference. Think of it this way, if 100 people pitch in just $10, that’s $1,000 that can go into a great and deserving organization.

At Schoolhouse Supplies, it takes only $25 to support a student with a year’s worth of school supplies. The gift of $25 is more than just tools; it also empowers the student to learn and create. The gift also affirms the belief that the community cares and is invested in the student’s future and believes in their potential. $25 spent supporting a student will have far more positive impact than any 5 cups of coffee or drinks you could buy at Starbucks for yourself.


This holiday season, I challenge you to use the Give!Guide as a resource and find an organization that really speaks to you and your vision of a better Portland and support their mission. If money is really tight, then you can still make a difference by spreading the word and sharing with your friends and family.

Thank you for all of your support!

Happy holidays,

Christina Nguyen
Communications and Development Intern


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