Meet the Spellers: Steve Owen

Owen, Steve_5x7_300dpiSteve Owen is the SVP/Chief Operations Officer at OnPoint Community Credit Union. Raised in Georgia, Steve Owen is the epitome of a southern gentleman. But watch how quickly the gloves come off when the title of 2017 Celebrity Spelling Bee Champ is on the line—a gentleman knows it’s polite to remove your gloves at the table. While not a natural orthographer, Owen has honed his spelling skills by dedicating the evening hours to helping his daughter learn sight words and is a champion of classroom word walls everywhere. Steve’s certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt Master and B.B.A in Marketing from Georgia State University have primed him to train efficiently as Team OnPoint goes toe-to-toe with Portland’s keenest spellers. Around the office, Steve is known affectionately as the ‘Tornado’ for his fast-paced and energizing leadership style. He’s eager to apply the same enthusiasm to tonight’s event. Steve dedicates his efforts to his wife Linda and their two children.

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