Meet the Spellers: Paula McVay, Retired Teacher

Paula McVay can be recognized for 34 years as a professional teacher, but has been teaching and leading by example since she was 10 years old. Paula is mom to spelling bee teammate Andy McVay. The oldest daughter of a Catholic farming family with 8 children from Banks, Oregon, Paula was born into leadership. Paula achieved her BA in Teaching from the University of Portland and then her MAT from Lewis in Clark. Making use of a second language, she spent time in Germany as an au pair, traveling with a valuable dictionary and then a little farther in France on a third language and another dictionary. Back in the states Paula married Michael McVay, raised six children and stepped into teaching every grade from K-12. She holds endorsements in K-8 Classroom and K-12 Reading, has taught English to immigrants, volunteered pre-school and high school religious education and tutored Math and English. Somewhere along the way she picked up a fourth language and a Spanish dictionary that she shares with her husband. Paula is an avid gardener, seamstress, Grandmother of three (daycare provider for the 3rd) and daily running enthusiast for 10K events. After 45 years of marriage, Paula enjoys referencing a library of dictionaries with Mike in frequent evening spelling bouts.  Will she win the Schoolhouse Supplies Spelling Bee presented by Fred Meyer? Get your tickets and find out.

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