Meet the Spellers: Margie Boulé

margie headshotMargie Boulé has been an award-winning media professional in the Northwest for 40 years, producing and hosting TV talk and magazine programs, creating documentaries, reporting and anchoring news broadcasts, writing a Pulitzer-nominated newspaper column, and hosting radio news/talk programs.  

In the margins of her days she also has performed as a singer and actress at theaters across America and in films and network TV programs, has been a guest soloist with many American symphonies and a regular performer with the band Pink Martini, has written and recorded hundreds of commercial jingles, and has written articles and essays for hundreds of magazine and newspaper publications.  

Margie is an avid sports fan, although a terrible athlete.  She also is such a lousy artist, she can’t even play Hangman.  

A fifth-generation Oregonian, Margie is descended from Samuel T. Miller, who came to the West over the Oregon Trail in 1852.

Margie’s father was a corporate leader who moved his family around America 18 times in her first 11 years.  They eventually settled in Claremont, California.  In 2005 she married a man she’d known since seventh grade, Dave Beck.  Together they have five grown children and three grandchildren.  Margie dotes on her two-year-old grandson Dashiell, who lives with his parents in Washington, D.C.

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