Meet the Spellers: Larry Wilder, Musician and National Yodeling Champion

Larry WilderLarry Wilder entertains a wide variety of audiences with his banjo, guitar and vocals. He also delights audiences with virtuoso yodeling that shows why he was named National Yodeling Champion in 2008.

Larry has performed 2000 shows on national and international stages, bringing his heart and passion for Americana music directly to his audiences through stellar musical performances intertwined with the compelling stories behind the artists and songs. His original songs reach into the soul of his Americana roots and connect strongly with his enthusiastic fans. Larry’s dynamic and upbeat personality keeps the show moving and the people involved.

Larry’s stellar yodeling is to be honored on a stamp, to be issued on August 8, 2020, the U.S.’s tenth International Yodeling Day.

“Nothing makes me happier than old-fashioned community singing like folks used to do. I love to hear people sing as we allow the great songs of Americana to touch our hearts,” Larry says.

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