Meet the Spellers- John Erickson, Writer and Radio Host

Team iHeartMedia’s John Erickson is the cohost of the K103 Morning Show, along with Bruce Murdock and Janine Wolf. He also writes the popular “Daily Drip” news blog. He was raised in Colorado and Illinois, but claims to have come to Oregon on a wagon train, way back when Governor Tom McCall was inviting newcomers to stay away. John and his wife Cheryl live in an empty nest in rural Beavercreek with their two dogs, and are on call 24/7 to babysit their two granddaughters. In 2015, John  knocked out both reigning champ, Zia McCabe and finally Commissioner Nick Fish, spelling ‘perinephrium’ to become Schoolhouse Supplies’ Champion Celebrity Speller. Will he be victorious once again? Buy your tickets and join us March 1st to find out!

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