Meet the Spellers: David Valenzuela, 2017 OnPoint Educator of the Year

David Valenzuela hails from New York City where he was a NYC Teaching Fellow serving the South Bronx. He has called Portland his home since 2011. The coolest word he ever spelled was ‘sardoodledom’ which is a fun word for melodramatic playwriting. He also enjoys playing scrabble and bananagrams despite his 5-year losing streak to his wife Stacy. He also has an ardent interest in neuroscience and likes to say words like ‘hippocampus’ and ‘perirhinal cortex’ even though he has no clue what they mean. Other proud moments in David’s short time in Portland is telling his friends how he ‘hiked’ Mount Tabor even after numerous corrections from loved ones that it’s a park and Oregon is naturally green (he’s a city kid). He is an avid sci-fi reader and loves exploring the food scene when not busy teaching his biomedical students (go Senators!). David is also passionate Timbers fan and loves to play and watch soccer when he is not chasing around his daughter Alice who is a bundle of energy.

David’s impact on his students and in the community was celebrated when he received the 2017 OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education Educator of the Year 9-12. Get your tickets to the event and see if David can win the Bee:

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