Meet the Spellers: Cameron Whitten, social activist and Director of Know Your City

CameronWhittenCameron Whitten made a big splash when he arrived in Portland in 2012. That year alone, he served as a leader in the Occupy Portland movement, ran for Mayor of Portland and staged a hunger strike before City Hall to call attention to the lack of facilities for the city’s homeless residents. Cameron continues his civic activism in his new role as the Director of Know Your City, a local nonprofit that engages in creative placemaking as a medium for community action and change.

The Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee, presented by Fred Meyer, won’t be Cameron’s first spelling bee. He won his 5th grade spelling bee with the word “alligator.” Though this outcome was contested, Cameron stood his ground (true-to-form) and his victory stands. Later in life, he took the podium again on behalf of Write Around Portland, where he was bested by “chanterelle,” a word he hopes not to be asked to spell this time around.

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