Meet the Spellers: Baron Von Goolo, Mayor of Frighttown

dave helfrey photoBaron Von Goolo’s past is murky, to be sure. What can be dredged up about him is…well, it’s hard to tell the fact from the fiction. While his origins are likely to remain a mystery (much like the whereabouts of his mayoral-race competitors from all past Frighttown election cycles), we did get this enigmatic aristocrat to divulge a few secrets about his youth, education and Celebrity Speller status in a recent interview:

Pencil Pete: Who was your most influential teacher and why?
BVG: Dr. Frankensss…uh, sense. Dr. Frankensense. It was Sunday school.

Pencil Pete: In the yearbook, what were you or would you have been voted “most likely to___?”
BVG: Most Likely To Be Chased By Angry Villagers With Torches

Pencil Pete: Did you ever spend any time in the principal’s office? If so, why?
BVG: I have five witnesses saying I was nowhere near the principal that day and besides, the police have no proof. Next question, please.

Pencil Pete: What is/was your favorite school supply?
BVG: Chainsaw. (It was graduate school.)

Pencil Pete: Why did you decide to participate in the Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee?
BVG: I assume it’s counting towards my community service.

Pencil Pete: Time for some friendly trash talk. Do you know any of your competitors? Tell us something about a member of the panel that s/he won’t tell us themselves.
BVG: Last Halloween when Cassidy Quinn interviewed me at FrightTown, she totally hit on me during the commercial breaks. She’ll deny it, though.

What an allegation! Was it just competitive banter or does Portland’s fave girl-about-town really have a little crush on this dashing blueblood? Assess the situation for yourself at the Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee on February 11th?  Get your tickets right now!

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