Meet the Judges: Tim Gomez

Tim in Boardroom2We are very excited to introduce our first celebrity judge: Tim Gomez.

Timothy M. Gomez is a 23 year Fortune 100 Business Leader with a background in Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Quality, Order Management, Customer Service, and R&D. Tim serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board for Dixon Ticonderoga Company, a 218 year old global consumer product company based in the United States. Tim is also an active Board of Director for the World Trade Center Orlando as well as serving on non-profit Boards for Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association and The Art & Creative Materials Institute.

A 15 year successful Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Tim has blended his Masters from Cambridge University in Business Leadership, Masters in Manufacturing and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from East Carolina University to implement key value chain strategies that have reduced costs by over $60MUSD in his career and counting. Tim and his wife have a daughter and they live in the New Smyrna Beach area of Florida.

In his free time Tim likes to cheer on the Lakers and Cowboys. His perfect day would be spent fishing with his wife and daughter by his side.

As the man at the helm of one of America’s most iconic companies, Tim is more than ready to guide our spellers to orthographical success. Get your tickets to the 2017 Celebrity Spelling Bee here!

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