March is “Tech Month”

kids-on-a-computer_0The classroom is an ever changing and evolving landscape. Think about it. When you were in school, what did you use more to do research; the Dewey Decimal System or Google? Exactly. The classroom has come an incredibly long way in really, not that long of a time. Nowadays, students rely on the latest technologies to do their homework, create visually stunning assignments, communicate with their teachers and friends, and more effectively learn. There’s Powerpoint, Quicktime, and thumb drives. Blackboard, WebWork, TED Talks, and iBooks. The classroom is now more interactive, fast-paced, and subsequently polarizing than ever before. Students who don’t have the tools they need not only drown in a sea of unfortunate incapability, but lack the basic skills to even call for help.

But we here at Schoolhouse Supplies are quite the tech-lovers. Granted, we’re nothing like those fancy “Geniuses.” But we are committed to serving the changing, technological needs of our community and classrooms. Noticing that this need has steadily increased over time, we put on our problem solving hats during our Celebrity Spelling Bee, and came up with the Word Nerd Auction. In case you missed it, each Word Nerd – 3 in total – represented a different high-needs area of the Free Store. The money used for securing a particular Word Nerd would go towards that specific area of the Free Store being represented (thus also helping us avoid any awkwardness that might come with auctioning off people).

Our “Technology” Word Nerd, Jen Lind, was secured by Jen Lynch of Portland Seed Fund, which helped raise $1,750 for technology supplies. Later this month, our Free Store will receive a shipment of more than 500 thumb drives. Thumb drives enable students to create documents at school, continue that work outside of the classroom, and are necessary for success in the technological learning environments of today. Although certainly a great start, we know that we can do

That’s why we’re officially declaring March “Technology Month” in our Free Store for Teachers. That’s right. Now with March, you not only have St. Patrick’s Day and Spring to be excited about, but an entire month devoted to technology and giving. While all donations are always welcome, in the spirit of March—now known around the Free Store as “Tech-Month”—we would like to make a more concentrated effort to fulfill our technological needs. Now, we need to specify, we do not accept used computers. If you have a computer that you need to get rid of, our community resource partner Free Geek will gladly take it off your hands. However, if you’re looking to become a super cool, Great Expectations type of benefactor and want to donate one, two, or even a slew of new iPads, we’ll of course find them a classroom. More realistically though, we’re asking for basic technologies like calculators, thumb drives, or even basic cash-donations so that we may secure the tools our teachers are requesting.

So help us make this an awesome “Tech Month.” Give to the technologies area of our Free Store for Teachers, and support the evolving needs of our community, and more importantly our classrooms.

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