Making back-to-school shopping easy…

Tech, Paper Scissors
Parent and Schoolhouse Supplies board member Eric Butler had an brilliant idea six years ago: Tiring of collecting all of his child’s school supplies by driving from store to store, wasting gas and time, he came up with novel idea of using technology to make the entire process as easy and painless as possible. Thus was born Schoolhouse Supplies Online, where the supplies you order exactly match the supply lists created by teachers at your school, and are delivered directly to your child’s classroom, ready for the first day of school.

With this unique program teachers win because the get exactly what they’ve requested, parents win because they don’t have to spend late August days driving from store to store, and students win as they have exactly what they need to succeed.  All this is only a click away.

Watch Eric Butler’s Ignite Portland presentation on Schoolhouse Supplies Online

Buy A Kit, Give A Kit
As almost half of Portland school students go without the tools they need to learn each day Schoolhouse Supplies Online also offers a Buy A Kit, Give A Kit option, where parents have the easy opportunity to make a donation resulting in a kit of supplies for students in need at their own school.

With a record 13 schools participating this year, Schoolhouse Supplies Online runs through July 16, so now is the time get this checked off your late summer to-do list!


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