I Appreciate: Ms. Henry

We love teachers! We love seeing them in the Free Store, we love visiting their classrooms, we love hearing about all of the amazing things they do each and every day! That is why we host Teacher Appreciation MONTH at Schoolhouse Supplies. Our teachers really do deserve more than a week, don’t you think?

While we celebrate our teachers we are taking some liberties with #TBT (throwback Thursdays for those of you who abhor the hashtag phenomena). Our “I Appreciate” series features stories of impact from staff, volunteers and community supporters. And who better to kick it off than our Executive Director, Jen Barth.


Jen Barth, First Grade

My tribute is to Rebecca Henry, my middle school history teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. She took a different approach to teaching than most, encouraging us to not rely solely on classroom textbooks and seek multiple primary sources to inform our research, and not to take the “safe” approach of coming to the same conclusions that others had about specific historic events.

I can still recall the feeling of excitement I had when working on a paper on the women’s suffrage movement. She encouraged me to close the history book and open my mind up to new possibilities, and encouraged me to head downtown to our public library to research photos and journal entries to dig deeper into understanding and telling the story of how women earned the right to vote.

For years, I thought I would become a history teacher just like her. She was smart, tough, generous, and funny, and taught me the value of critical thinking, creative exploration, and taking innovative approaches to learning and understanding. I know without this lesson- and many more I learned from her- I wouldn’t be where I am today, where I luckily get to put these skills to work each and every day to support thousands of teachers just as incredible as her.

Thank you, Ms. Henry! And thank you to all of those who dedicate their lives to teaching.


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