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Celebrity Spelling Bee  www.boonerodriguez.comImagine. Within just 24 hours, you’ll finally be at our OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee presented by Comcast; an event that we have described with quite a few superfluous adjectives, eccentric illustrations, and much glitz and glam. But simply put, it’s a spelling bee, designed to help raise critical funds and stock the shelves of our Free Store for Teachers. So for our last post before the Bee, we wanted to share with you the many different opportunities featured at the event that will allow you to contribute and support this cause.

“The Paddle Raise”

No, not paddles used for canoeing or kayaking. Although that would be a sight to see. Rather, these paddles feature fancy numbers, and are raised to signify donations made to support our local teachers and students. Here’s the best part; once $30,000 has been donated, the Fred Meyer Fund will match it. So, $30,000 instantly becomes $60,000, doubling the impact of your gift.Celebrity Spelling Bee

“Save-a-Speller Auction”

Over the past few months, you may have heard us use the term, “Word Nerd.” It refers to three individuals who have proven their spelling prowess during quick fire, impromptu spelling bees held around Portland called, “Stingers.” Other than receiving an illustrious title, the “Word Nerds” won a free seat at our Celebrity Spelling Bee. There, each will symbolically represent a high-need section of the Free Store for teachers – Art, Teacher Resources, and Technology. Audience members will then be given the chance to bid for these “Word Nerds” to support the area of the free store they feel most passionate about, and to help save their favorite celebrity speller upon misspelling a word.

“Silent Auction”

You may already be familiar with this event having read about it in another one of our previous, very descriptive, and not at all fantasized articles. Although we don’t expect any fights to break out over any of the items, as was described in said other article, there are an inordinate amount of marvelous items on which to place a bid. For example, Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Lift Tickets worth $160. Go enjoy the heart of the gorge, Lear from Bag & Baggage, and 3 bottles of Cabernet Franc wine from Cana’s Feast Winery with the, “Cruise, Theater, & Wine Package” valued at $397. Or receive a Two-Hour Leadership Development Seminar for you and your organization facilitated by Katie Kelley of Katie Kelley Networks; an opportunity worth $2,500. Celebrity Spelling Bee

So get ready to raise your paddle. Help your favorite celeb speller. And win fantastic items and experiences. All of these opportunities to give – and for that matter, all of these opportunities to receive – solely to help raise critical funds that will stock our Free Store for Teachers, and ensure that every child has the tools they need to succeed. To end on the same simplistic note; It’s going to be a fun night, and one of tremendous impact. All of us at Schoolhouse Supplies can not even begin to express how thankful we are for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow at the Bee!

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