Giving Back, Stepping Up & Filling the Need

They come in their black polos, ready to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in the community where they do business. They come with smiles on their faces as big as the generous donations of their time and support that they offer the kids here in Portland.   And this year, as Boise-Eliot School will have over 250 more students from the closure of nearby Humboldt School, Ideba Marketing and Chase Bank have stepped up and returned to sponsor, pack, and distribute over 757 backpacks for all the students at Boise-Eliot School this fall.

For David Sly, president of Ideba Marketing, a local firm with offices in Portland, Seattle and Victoria, BC,  the Schoolhouse Supplies Tools for Schools backpack program is a continuation of his commitment of giving back to local communities.  Whether it’s building a Habitat for Humanity home in Seattle, mentoring students at the University of Victoria, or helping level the education playing field here in Northeast Portland, David and his company firmly believe that they “Have moral obligation to give back, and to help others around them.”

David and Ideba also invite some of their clients from as far afield as the San Fransisco Bay Area and Seattle to participate at the Portland packing event, where along with volunteers from Chase Bank,  they packed by hand over 750 brand new backpacks full of school supplies. That’s over 1,500 glue sticks, 2,250 notebooks, and 18,000 pencils in hands of students who will use them all year long. When asked what he would share about the Tools for Schools experience for other organizations, David remarked “You don’t appreciate how fulfilling it is until you roll up the sleeves and get involved!”

That mix of enthusiasm and employees from Portland and clients from Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area also makes their packing of one most exciting that we do. Every year we time our 28 businesses as they pack, in a small, friendly competition to see how fast they can pack each bag.  This year Ideba had the fastest time: a blazing 1.67 seconds per backpack!

So here’s to those in the black shirts who have stepped up, above and beyond this year,  to ensure that Boise-Eliot starts the school year with all the tools they need to succeed.

For more information on Tools for Schools, click here.

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