Get To Know The Spelling Bee Celebs – Volume 2

We continue on with our snapshot series allowing you insight into the world of this year’s Celebrity Spellers. These Portland notables will battle it out for spelling supremacy and the right to take home the six foot tall trophy at the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee next Thursday, January 31st.

Zia McCabe

Zia-beeZia McCabe, or the Spelling Babe, as she would like to be referred to at the Spelling Bee, really wanted to be famous dancer when she grew up. Instead she ended up as keyboardist, percussionist, bassist and member of The Dandy Warhols. Although Zia admits to dropping AP math and English in her senior year of high school to take auto and welding classes instead, she still calls the venerable three-ring binder her favorite school supply. Learn more about Zia at

Pat Janowski

pat-j-beeActress Pat Janowksi is a two-time winner of the Celebrity Spelling Bee (2010 and 2012), perhaps due to her propensity of completing the New York Times crossword in pen every Sunday. Pat was big fan of freshly sharpened pencils when she was in school where she excelled in math, and admits having a slight celebrity crush on John Denver at the time. Pat acknowledges that she fears spelling the word medieval, though it hasn’t stopped her from taking home the six foot tall trophy yet. She found inspiration while in school from Mr. Raschkes, her high school band teacher, who motivated her to become a drum major, and true to form, she went on to win the Best Marcher trophy there as well!

Charlie Hales

charlie-hales-beeYou may not know it, but Portland’s Mayor once spent time in the principal’s office for a prank involving setting set off a fire alarm.  With all that far behind him, Mayor Charlie Hales has set his Spelling Bee sights on author and journalist Peter Zuckerman, who he is convinced is well-practiced in using big words all the time. In school, Mayor Hales’ favorite school supply was mechanical pencils and he touts Mrs. Rosenwauser, his 5th grader teacher,  as his most influential educator. Find out more about Mayor Hales at

John Erickson

john-erickson-beeJohn Erickson, who would have been voted most likely to have a radio show in his high school yearbook, is a self-proclaimed “total admirer of teachers and schools.” With a nickname of “The Voice,” after he suddenly and mysteriously started sounding like Johnny Cash at age 12, John wanted to be baseball player before the airwaves called to him. His favorite subject in school was writing, and worst was math but he still loves being able to count all 64 colors in the big boxes of Crayola Crayons. Learn more about John at

 Please check back next week for another installment of our series and click here to reserve your tickets to the OnPoint Celebrity Spelling Bee now. 

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