Get to Know the Celebs: Mary & Pat

140130_Bee_133What do a voice coach and a musician and author have in common? They love supporting students and teachers! Back again for the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee is the dynamic duo, Mary MacDonald-Lewis and Pat Janowski as our brilliant moderators.

Mary has a long history as moderator for the spelling bee but suffered a broken wing last year. Luckily for Mary, her friend, Pat swooped in to the rescue as her official “page turner.” Pat was not an unfamiliar face to the spelling bee. In fact, Pat was the spelling champion of the 2012 Celebrity Spelling Bee.

This year’s spelling bee features a brand new list of spelling words that the duo graciously volunteered to piece together. Mary and Pat handpicked 1,500 words to challenge our spellers out of a list of 4,000 words. Through the process they were particularly inspired by words of beauty.

For example:

Roriferous : generating dew
Frondescence: a period of time when leaves are opening
Subaqueous: existing underwater

You are not going to want to miss out on seeing the dynamic duo at work! Get your tickets for the Bee here!

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