Get to Know the Celebs: Margaret Seiler

Margaret SeilerWe are so excited to have Portland Monthly Magazine’s Copy Editor, Margaret Seiler return to the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee. Margaret isn’t just back to celebrate our 15th anniversary but also to get a second chance at dethroning 2-time winner, Zia McCabe. “I bet McCabe has been sleeping with the study list under her pillow for two years straight. Our only hope to beat her might be distraction, or getting her drunk. Ryan Saari, bring her your strongest beers!”

Margaret also has one more practical motive for coming back as a speller. “My daughter’s in kindergarten now and is pretty proud of herself for learning how to spell butt face. I thought we could study together, and I figure the Celebrity Bee might have better words than that.”

As a student, Margaret’s most influential teacher was her American Literature teacher of her junior year, “The terrifyingly brilliant David Ricketts, who let us know it was OK to hate annoying child characters in classic novels like The Great Gatsby, The Scarlett Letter, etc.”

In addition to being an editor and mother, Margaret also hosts trivia shows for a variety of topics such as Golden Girls, Canada, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, and parenting! In fact, the night before the Spelling Bee, Margaret is hosting a Sex and the City trivia night. “A spelling bee sounds like a good brain cleansing after bingeing on that show for ‘research’.”

See the Copy Editor test her spelling skills at the Celebrity Spelling Bee on January 29. Buy your tickets here!

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