Get to Know the Celebs: Lois Leveen

Lois LeevenWith the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity drawing near, we are ecstatic to announce another celebrity. Award-winning novelist Lois Leveen, author of Juliet’s Nurse and The Secrets of Mary Bowser! Lois is not new to Schoolhouse Supplies, she has stopped by from time to time to donate books including spectacular anthologies and various school supplies for our Free Store for Teachers.

While she’s a fan and supporter of Schoolhouse Supplies, she’s also out to win! Having been eliminated in the early rounds of her 2nd grade spelling bee, she sees the Celebrity Spelling Bee as a means to “make up for that early shame.”


In The Secrets of Mary Bowser, Lois tells the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The Oregonian raved, “A captivating novel . . . Mary’s world is nuanced and complicated . . . the reader is thoroughly drawn into it.”

Lois’s most recent novel Juliet’s Nurse imagines the 14 years leading up to the events in Romeo and Juliet, as told by one of Shakespeare’s most memorably comic, bawdy, and tragic characters.

In addition to writing compelling novels, Lois is a world-traveller presenting on history and literature at libraries, bookstores, universities and museums.

See the novelist test her spelling skills at the Celebrity Spelling Bee on January 29. Buy your tickets here!


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