Get to Know the Celebs: Commissioner Nick Fish

Nick Fish Lightest WEBSITE 1 30 14With less than ten days until the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee we are thrilled to announce a very distinguished speller! Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish returns to the Bee! Commissioner Fish is in charge of the Portland Water Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services.

Growing up, Commissioner Fish knew that he wanted to be a public servant and would not be where he is today without support from great mentors and persistence. As a student, Commissioner Fish enjoyed History but was once in the principal’s office for being falsely accused of throwing a snowball through a window.

With a wife as a teacher and a son attending Portland Public Schools, Commissioner Nick Fish recognizes the need for support in education and is excited to spell at the spelling bee. Commissioner Fish is joins the celebrity spelling line up to support Schoolhouse Supplies “to help every student and teacher be successful”.

Don’t miss your chance to see Commissioner Fish spell it out at the Celebrity Spelling Bee! You can purchase your tickets for the big night here!


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